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Choosing the Best Hosted VOIP Service Provider Out of Available Options

  • Until the end of last decade, hosted VoIP's reach was limited. Some companies were not willing to install additional hardware required for VoIP hosting due to space constraints. Introduction of hosted VoIP service has not only helped in getting rid of on-site hardware, but has also made VoIP affordable for small and medium enterprises.
  • Today there are several hosted voip service providers in the United States. Call management solutions, lower monthly price, multiple extensions for one phone number, auto receptionist, voice mail, call recording, mobile apps, etc. are some of the features offered by most of the service providers.
  • Some of the factors that you should consider while choosing this service are-office location, type of devices that you wish to use, number of national and international calls that you expect to be made every day, features that you are looking for, and the amount of monthly charges that you are willing to pay.
  • We at Connect 2 Elect are always striving to make sure that our products and services are integrated with latest technology. All of our hosted VoIP solutions offer high-quality connectivity at affordable price. This is the reason we have managed to enter the list of most trusted VoIP service providers in the United States.
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Cloud PBX Offers Range of Impressive Features

  • This may sound too good to be true. But with our cloud based PBX systems, you can easily manage your entire organization's phone systems from your desktop computer or smart phone/ tablet PC. User interface integrated with our cloud based systems are user-friendly. Assigning phone extension numbers, controlling call divert features, adding and removing individuals from groups was never so easy.
  • Cloud systems also eliminate the need to call your phone company's technician or your IT team for making minor changes in the phone systems. You can do everything on your own with the help of simple setting option. This factor is helping companies to save their IT resources for more important functions.
  • You can choose a toll-free number, usual land line number, or premium number for your company. When your client or customer calls your number, the system's auto attendant answers the calls and transfers the same to relevant team from Index, depending on the issue that caller is facing. Calls can also be diverted to mobile phones located anywhere in the world. All that the user needs to do is install phone system's application in his device.
  • There are several cloud pbx providers in the US. But Connect 2 Elect's options are one of the most trusted ones because they are easy to set up and operate, reliable, efficient, and offer HD-like clarity for all calls.

Choose SIP Trunking Service Depending on Your Organizational Requirement

  • SIP can help in drastically reducing office phone bills as it uses VoIP instead of public switched telephone network or the regular phone line to manage in-house phone calls. The system can also help in improving efficiency by reducing hold time for customers. There is no need to worry even if your office still uses obsolete phone systems to manage calls because migrating to SIP trunking is easy.
  • How many people in your company make and receive phone calls? How many of them are expected to be on call at same time? How many direct line numbers, toll-free numbers, and premium numbers does your organization require? These are some of the questions that you need to consider while choosing sip trunking provider for your organization.
  • No need to worry even if your office works on legacy PBX, as most of the SIP trunking systems can easily integrate with old systems, especially those offered by Connect 2 Elect. While purchasing SIP trunking system, make sure that you mention your existing PBX system's make and model number to check compatibility. Also, if you plan to use your obsolete fax machines with the system, make sure that you mention the same to your SIP trunking solution provider.

Several Companies Are Saving Monthly Costs with Sip Trunks

  • SIP trunking system makes things easy by carrying calls over IP-based connectivity instead of ISDN or TDM lines. To put it in simple words, it connects systems like IP-PBX, TDM PBX, and other on-premise equipment with broadband network.
  • There are two types of solutions available. You can opt for application based system or hardware based. SIP trunking earns points because of its fully hosted line and software that can combine various overlay services, enhanced trunking features, and basic trunks as well.
  • SIP trunking's business continuity applications allow companies to use time-based automated call forwarding. The system can be pre programmed to divert your customers' and client calls at any of your other call centers. This feature helps in creating flexible and reliable communication line that would remain functioning even in case of natural disaster or other emergencies.
  • SIP trunking can help businesses to use phone numbers from multiple countries as part of one system. It reduces the cost involved in internal calls, and helps in saving money spent on multiple line rentals every month. Some sip trunks are also compatible with Skype. Call Connect 2 Elect and discuss your requirements today!