About Us

Established in early 2011, Sun Entertainment Culture Limited aims?at bringing top quality entertainment enjoyment to the audiences.?With our passion, ambition and creativity, we produce and distribute?TV and film productions, organize live concerts and create strategic?marketing plans and events. We strive in building an enormous?entertainment empire in Asia in order to bring the Oriental?Entertainment Culture to worldwide audiences.


Associated Companies

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Sun International Securities Limited,?Sun International Securities Limited, a licensed corporation registered with the Securities and Futures Commission to carry out activities in dealing in securities, is also a Stock Exchange participant. To help our clients to reach their investment objectives easier and realise their belief on wealth creation, we are devoted to establish an extraordinary cooperative relationship with them through attentive listening and communication so as to understand their needs clearly. Sun Gold Group Company Limited?is mainly engaged in bullion trading business, providing robust and reliable 24-hour bullion trading platform, real-time quote service, financial information and professional brokerage services to customers; Sun Bullion Company Limited is registered in Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society, membership number 112.
Sun ESEE Model Management ?Established in 2014, Sun esee Model Management is a joint venture of Sun Entertainment Culture Limited and esee model management, integrating entertainment cultures and models management into cutting-edge trends to identify potential models across the world. Our professional team aims to explore talents’ full potential with practical advice and all-around support.

By the joint influential power of Sun Entertainment Culture Limited and esee model management, Sun esee Model Management strives to foster celebrity models and become a top modelling company in Hong Kong and even in the worldwide.

Sun Finance Co., Limited?is an authorized financial company incorporated under the?MoneyLenders Ordinance (Chapter 163 of the Laws of Hong Kong). Mainly engaged in various types of loans, in order to meet the financial needs of different customers. Diversified financial products including: personal loans, home mortgages, equity financing, equity mortgage, corporate finance and SME lending, the Company’s professional team has extensive experience to fully understand the customer needs, provide tailor-made for all customers the loan scheme.